Dealz Now Selling Video Games?

Just an FYI this post is in no way endorsed by Dealz!

As I strolled around town on my lunch hour, as I normally do on Monday’s, I checked my shopping list and realized I needed to go into Dealz. (Dealz is also known as Poundland in the UK, which is essentially a pound shop) I went in as normal with the usual fair on display in each isle.

As I neared the techy stuff, blue and green boxes caught my eye. Surely just blurays I thought to myself. However, as I drew nearer I saw that there were video games for sale.. sealed.. and in Dealz. I was in Dealz right? At this point I thought the heat had gotten to me so I picked up a game to confirm my suspicions.

Yep, a range of PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games and accessories were for sale here! Without drawing attention to myself in the shop by gasping out loud, I had a quick peruse through the games and picked some out.

I ended up buying Hitman Absolution for the Xbox 360 (€3) and Deus Ex – Mankind Divided for the PS4 (€6).

Ok, it has to be said some of the games on offer are not the best titles but I obviously managed to find something to buy here so why wouldn’t someone else?

Was anybody else aware this was a thing? Has this been a regular thing and is it due to continue? I am very eager to seek out some more information on this!

Pusheen The Gamer Cat

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