Where are places to buy games or consoles in Waterford City?

So here we are, the first blog post.. no pressure. I thought I would start things off by running through the places where I like to look to find good deals on games or consoles in Waterford city.

Where to buy in Waterford City

Where to buy in Waterford City

I’ve seen tons of YouTube videos at this stage of places in the UK or the US that are just full of great places to find games and consoles at just brilliantly low prices. Unfortunately, it has become very apparent that there isn’t the same caliber of this in little old Waterford city.

So, I decided to run through the places I like to visit from week to week to assemble some sort of a list for people like me living in Waterford. Please note though that all opinions expressed are purely my own and are just that, my opinions. I should also say that while the places on this list are located in Waterford, this post would still apply to anywhere e.g. Charity Shops, Pawn Shops etc.

Places to buy games or consoles in Waterford City

1. Charity Shop – Actually don’t know the name

Charity Shop Location - Where to buy games

Charity Shop Location – Where to buy games

The first place on the list is probably the best charity shop in the city for finding gaming related stuff. It’s located on the Cork road and it’s the big building just behind McDonalds, you can’t really miss it. The opening hours are fairly decent and I believe they are open every day.

You won’t always find what you are looking for if you go in their with a list, but if you go in their with no goals in mind, you can usually pick up an original x-box for between €20 – €30 or a Playstation 2 for about €30 – €40, though it does depend.

Over the last number of months I have bought items that I have been able to write about here on my blog like:

Teardown – Third party original Xbox controller


  • You will nearly always come out with something if you pop in about once a week or once every two weeks. Well I do anyway because I am a sucker for the games. All games are priced at the time of writing at €3.
  • There are a lot of old electronics at a fairly good price. If you are into buying old junk electronics and refurbishing it, this is the place for you.
  • Can be a good place to pick up odd cables or power supplies for fairly cheap.
  • If we’re not talking about just gaming stuff, there is a great choice of super random stuff if you are willing to dig around. My boyfriend bought a bell (like you would have in a hotel) for €1 which I pretty soon learned was done to annoy the hell out of me, but hey, it’s his money..


  • A lot of the better stock seems to be hidden behind the counter so you need to specifically ask to have a look.
  • Buying a game is like doing the lottery. Be sure to check the disc quality before you buy, and definitely make sure there is even a disc in the box!!
  • Not the best selection of gaming stuff. I’ve never come across a Gameboy or a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in there.

2. Cash Convenience – Pawn Shop

Cash Convenience Location - Where to buy games

Cash Convenience Location – Where to buy games

The next place on my list is more consistent in terms of electronics and gaming consoles and that is Cash Convenience. Which I for some reason always thought was Cash Converters, but there you go. This is essentially a pawn shop. It is located on the Quay in the city and is just next door to Centra and the Outdoor shop so it’s not too difficult to find.

Pricing is obviously a little higher than the charity shop but it is much better if you are looking to buy some consoles. I have come across PSP GOs in there for €50 and those are notoriously difficult to buy online for less than €100. I like to go in there on my lunch hour from work every other week to see what new stuff is in there and it usually doesn’t disappoint.


  • Fairly good prices for Nintendo DS consoles if you don’t want to buy online.
  • The staff are pretty friendly, which is always a plus if you want to ask any questions.
  • Choice of games is better than the charity shop and they are usually a consistent price of under €10 for PS2 / Wii / DS games depending on the title. Games are mostly priced individually rather than a standard price.
  • Other electronics are also very well priced including phones, PCs/laptops, TVs etc.
  • You can sell them your old electronics in order to pay for your gaming habit!! Though I have not done this yet I must say so I am not sure how good they are on the pricing.. surely better than CEX or Gamestop though.


  • You won’t often see the more obscure gaming gear such as a NES, its games or anything Sega or Gameboy.
  • The shop itself is quite small so be careful you don’t knock anything over!
  • Not a lot of new stock. I usually pop in about once a week. (I have to kill time on my lunch hour some how!) The stock is usually the same from week to week with a few exceptions.

3. CEX

CEX Location - Where to buy games

CEX Location – Where to buy games

I’m sure most of you were waiting to see this one pop up, so here it is. Love it or hate it, I have bought a number of games from here in the past with relatively no issues and at a decent price. This store is located at the top of Broad street which is just down from Claire’s Accessories. (I think that’s the best landmark I can think of).

Prices on games are lower than Gamestop, which has been my main reason for shopping there in the past. However I have come to find that the retro gaming section is very overpriced for things that can be bought online for a smaller cost.


  • The pricing of games is both a pro and a con here. Wii games I have found are mostly very cheap to buy, as well as some PS2 games. Pricing on games overall is usually cheaper than Gamestop as I’ve said but it does pay to shop around.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff. The people in the shop seem to know what they’re talking about and are always up for a chat if you’ve picked up a good game.
  • Large catalog of games, consoles, phones and DVDs (if you buy DVDs).
  • They are upfront about how much they will pay to buy electronics or games from you on their website. This way you have a general idea of how much money you get before you set foot in the store.


  • Pricing! I’ve mentioned it above as a pro but it bares repeating as a con. The Gamecube games are generally quite expensive, though the titles include Mario, Zelda and Sonic which normally aren’t that cheap to begin with. Some PS4 games I have found are just stupid expensive when you can buy the same game in Argos down the road for much cheaper. It genuinely pays to shop around everyone!
  • The retro gaming section is usually very sparce and generally expensive. Though I haven’t really spent time comparing all of them with what you would buy them for online so this may not be the case with everything in there.
  • New stock is few and far between if you go to the one store all the time. It is worth travelling around to different branches of CEX if you are looking for different items.

4. Gamestop

Gamestop Location - Where to buy games

Gamestop Location – Where to buy games

So again, here is another one I really have to mention as this is a staple. This Gamestop is located in the City Square shopping center. I used to spend lots of time in Gamestop as a youngster, spending my pocket money on pre-owned PS2 games so its not all bad.

People usually have a lot of things to say about Gamestop one way or the other so I’ll leave it up to you to decide upon.


  • Gamestop have in recent years branched out into memorabilia and accessories and the like which I find pretty cool. If nothing else its a great place to find a Christmas present for a gamer.
  • If you are looking to buy a new game first or pre-order it, this is generally your best choice other than buying the digital copy or buying online.
  • In the past I found very great deals on PS2 games.. that was back when Gamestop had PS2 games, alas no more. I’ve also found great deals around the holidays with 3 for 2 offers which encouraged me to part with my hard earned money.
  • The staff are usually pretty friendly and chatty. This can be a double edged sword however if you are inexperienced with gaming as most Irish mammies generally are. Without realizing, you could easily walk out of there having bought ten times more than what little Timmy actually needs. Why does little Timmy need all of this stuff!!


  • Choice of second hand games is not great any more. What’s more, most video game boxes and other’s don’t even have the proper cover. They have that soul destroying Gamestop cover instead. This is not ideal for collectors but if you’re not bothered then what does it matter.
  • Retro game section seems to be non-existent for some reason which is surprising to me as this is becoming a more prevalent hobby for people.
  • Pricing, I can’t talk about it any more.. please for the love of god shop around.

Some other choices for gaming

Smyths Toys – This toy store is located on the Tramore Road and should definitely not be ruled out.

Argos – It is surprising how well priced some PS4 / Xbox one games are for new. I would say this is definitely worth a look as well.

Buy it online – There is always the internet. I love spending hours at a time scouring through Ebay auctions to see what is on offer. There are plenty of great YouTube videos on Ebay shopping tips to help you get started.

Things I have not yet tried

There are a few avenues I am yet to try. Hopefully I will be able to in the coming months. I will post an update if anything is worth looking at.

  • Car boot sale – brick a brac sale – If anyone knows of local car boot sales or the like in Waterford City, please post a comment below as I would love to check it out! I recently took a trip to a local car boot sale and documented it in the following post: My trip to the car boot sale – Was it worth it?
  • Swap meets – is this something that even happens in Waterford? Again I would love to know more!
  • Other charity shops – I’ve looked in one or two other charity shops recently but have found nothing of note. That hasn’t deterred me from looking though so I will be exploring some more in the coming months.

I would love to hear from you. Are there any places that I have missed on this list? Leave me a comment below and I can update the list!

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5 Responses

  1. Sean says:

    Have you tried S A electronics in the quay across from the bus station. Just happened upon it today. No clue how long it has been there. Seems a little expensive for PS4 and Xbone games but have PS2 games and even ps2 accessories which I find a little bizarre.

    • mishacreatrix says:

      Oh no way! I didn’t know that existed, I just looked it up on Google Maps.
      Thanks for the tip that’s something to look at 😛

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