Pokémon Let’s Go has finally been announced for November 2018

You may have seen online that there have been lots of rumors regarding a potential new Pokémon release. Well, after what feels like months of waiting, yesterday in Tokyo The Pokémon Company held a press conference and finally unveiled Pokémon Let’s Go to the world. The Youtube video of the press conference can be found by clicking this link.

What is Pokémon Let’s Go

In brief, the details released for Pokémon Let’s Go are that this is the next long awaited Pokémon release for the Nintendo Switch. Although this is not the core Pokémon game that was hinted at at last year’s E3 event. The game will be released in November 2018 and users will be able to interact with Pokémon Go, the mobile app which was released in 2016.

What does the game involve

The game will come in two flavours, either Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee or Pokémon Let’s go Pikachu. Depending on your preference (the choice is too difficult). It will be centered around the first 151 Pokémon from the original series. The story is taking its inspiration from the Pokémon Yellow, which was released way back in 1998.

Pokémon Yellow Box Art - 1998

Pokémon Yellow Box Art – 1998

More shiny accessories to collect

The shiny Pokéball Plus accessory struck my eye during the game trailer. Wow, if my 10 year old self could see this I’d probably die! The Pokéball Plus can be carried around with you wherever you go. The idea is that it can behave like the Pokémon Plus accessory that was released during the Pokémon Go boom.

Update June 12th 2018: During the Nintendo Showcase at E3 2018, it was announced that the Pokéball accessory will come with Mew. As if you didn’t need reason enough to buy this thing now you get your very own legendary Pokémon!

Pokéball Plus accessory will allow you to catch Pokémon

Pokéball Plus accessory will allow you to catch Pokémon

Links to Pokémon Go

Speaking of Pokémon Go, Pokémon Let’s go will allow you to trade Pokémon between Pokémon Go and Let’s Go. However this only works in one direction and you cannot transfer Pokémon the other way. This seems like a pretty good move by the game’s creators given how much of a presence Pokémon Go was when it was released.


Too much information

There is a lot more detail available of what we know about these games so far. I’m not here to fill you in on everything but if you want to learn more, the lovely folks at Gamespot published a very detailed article Pokémon Let’s Go – Everything We Know So Far which is worth checking out if you don’t intend on watching the entirety of the press conference.

My reactions

When I woke up this morning and was greeted with this news, you can bet I was excited. The biggest plus point for me with this game is the chance to play with the originial 150 Pokémon. Some people don’t seem too thrilled with this idea and would have preferred a next gen release. For me though, this is a total nostalgia trip back to my childhood. I loved Pokémon as a kid, I had the sticker books, clothes, games, cards and I loved watching the show.

But alas, my growing up left my love of Pokémon in the dust. I didn’t really bother too much with the newer Pokémon games as I didn’t have any of the newer gen consoles. So that was that.

However, Pokémon Go was released in July 2016 and I was reintroduced to Pokémon as an adult(ish). The world felt like a better place for those first few months after this game came out. I was encouraged to get out of the office and explore outside with any chance that I could.

Now, with the next step in this journey just a few months away, I cannot wait to play this new game for myself. Unfortunately though, this game wont be released until November 2018. In the meantime I am expecting those who had left Pokémon Go will likely consider re-joining. Judging by the potential benefits of linking the 2 games together anyway.


For me, I have already started checking back in on my Pokémon Go account to see what state I had left it in. That will have to tide me over on Pokémon until November but I am sure I am not alone!

Overall, I cannot wait to play this game, as I am sure you can tell from reading this. The only decision I have to make now is Eevee or Pikachu.. Well at least I have a few months to decide.

Take my money Pokemon

If you are looking for something to keep you occupied until November, why not check out Pokémon Quest which I have made a guide for here: Pokémon Quest Guide

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