Perler Bead Shadowbox Display


Recently I discovered the world of perler beads, having bought 2 tubs of them from Ikea. Well actually, I first discovered these on Pinterest and after a long time of browsing and pinning I finally caved and bought 2 tubs to try my hand at it!

Too many perler beads

I had so much fun choosing the right design, carefully placing each bead onto the peg board, then ironing them all together to reveal the finished product. So much fun in fact, that I ended up with many many designs that I have nothing to do with.


If only I could make some use out of these designs other than sticking them on a wall or on a bookcase. Then I realized, why not do something with the Pokemon shadow box display I made a while ago? This was yet another crafty project that could use some livening up.

I remembered using Velcro tape before with great effect so why not try it here. I managed to find some Velcro tape at my local Range store (Most craft shops or similar should have Velcro tape AKA hook and loop tape) and I got started with the project.

What I did

This ended up being a very simple and easy to implement project.

I started by placing strips of the Velcro tape around the shadow box frame, ensuring it was well secured.

Next, I cut strips of the corresponding Velcro tape and secured pieces to the back of my perler bead designs, making sure these were super secure. In hindsight, I’m not sure if the tape is sticky enough so I might need to go back over it with crafting glue or similar.

It was as simple as that. Now I can add my perler bead designs to the shadow box with ease depending on my mood!


I really liked how this quick project was to implement and I am really glad I found a use for all of my perler bead designs!

Did you enjoy reading about this project? Have you tried something similar or have you been inspired to try this yourself? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!

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