Monthly Archive: February 2019

Video Game Collection Tracker

How to track your game collection for free

Introduction Since starting this blog, I have been more actively building up my collection of video games. It has been great fun to do overall but something I am continually questioning is the best way to manage my game collection. I recently revamped how I manage my game collection via...

Anthem Open Demo

Anthem Open Demo

Introduction Hi all, today I’m going to be giving you my first impressions after playing the Anthem open demo which I played over the weekend. For those of you that might not know, Anthem is a soon to be released online multiplayer action role playing game that’s been developed by...

Gamer gallery

Gamer Gallery – January 2019

Welcome to the Gamer Gallery for January 2019. I’ve decided to start posting this gallery each month, showcasing some of my photos related to gaming. Overall, this has been a great month for gaming. Though I haven’t added too much to my collection, I am totally engrossed in the Kingdom...