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This section is chocked full of various tutorials. I also cover DIY tech projects and helpful hints for repairing consoles and accessories.


Perler Bead Shadowbox Display

Introduction Recently I discovered the world of perler beads, having bought 2 tubs of them from Ikea. Well actually, I first discovered these on Pinterest and after a long time of browsing and pinning I finally caved and bought 2 tubs to try my hand at it! Too many perler...

Perler Bead Necklace 0

How I made a Pokéball perler bead necklace

Having recently purchased a wealth of perler beads from a recent Ikea trip, I needed to find a way to use them all! So I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration. Creating a “perler bead inspo” board I started searching and pinning. Something I quickly came across was the...

Spray Paint Cover Photo 0

How to spray paint your old games consoles

I recently took on the project of spray painting over my Playstation 2 slim console basically because I had ruined it with sticker cleaner. Talk about a stupid mistake, well lesson learned anyway. I have just finished this project and it turned out so well I decided to put together...

How to fix it - Nintendo DS lite 0

Nintendo DS Lite – How To Fix It

Over the last number of months I have disassembled a large number of Nintendo DS Lite consoles. As a result, I’ve learned a great deal about troubleshooting various issues with this console. So, I am starting this new How to Fix It series of posts to share with you what...

xbox controller teardown 1

Teardown – Third party original Xbox controller

I recently picked up an original xbox controller in the charity shop (third party controller) for a very small amount. I decided to put together this simple tutorial / guide for how to take apart the controller to clean it up and give it a new lease of life. What...

Retro Repairs 0

My time doing gaming retro repairs – I’ve learned a lot

My background in gaming retro repairs Gaming retro repairs or the act of taking apart and repairing games consoles (mainly older consoles) is an interesting and for me very fulfilling past time that I have been doing for the last number of months. To give you all some background here,...