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PlayStation Platinum Trophies

My top 5 platinum trophies on PlayStation

I’ve been thinking a lot about trophy hunting on the PlayStation over the last few weeks. I have amassed an excellent collection of games over the last year or so, and even since starting this blog. So naturally I became curious about how much I had completed each game. Scrolling...

PS Store Ireland - Best Deals January

Playstation Store Ireland January 2019 – Best Deals

Every time I read on Twitter about games on sale on the Playstation store I am immediately excited. That is until I click on the link and am directed to the American store and then re-directed to the European (Ireland) store which doesn’t feature that amazing price. Having had some...

Skyrim Cover Image

What am I doing? I’ve started playing Skyrim again!

Setting the Scene Skyrim is a massive role playing game that’s part of the Elder Scrolls gaming saga developed by Bethesda. If you have played this beast of a game then you will know just how much game play is contained in such a tiny package. I seem to have...