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xbox controller teardown 1

Teardown – Third party original Xbox controller

I recently picked up an original xbox controller in the charity shop (third party controller) for a very small amount. I decided to put together this simple tutorial / guide for how to take apart the controller to clean it up and give it a new lease of life. What...

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What am I doing? I’ve started playing Skyrim again!

Setting the Scene Skyrim is a massive role playing game that’s part of the Elder Scrolls gaming saga developed by Bethesda. If you have played this beast of a game then you will know just how much game play is contained in such a tiny package. I seem to have...


Dealz Now Selling Video Games?

Just an FYI this post is in no way endorsed by Dealz! As I strolled around town on my lunch hour, as I normally do on Monday’s, I checked my shopping list and realized I needed to go into Dealz. (Dealz is also known as Poundland in the UK, which...